«Работа с сознанием — это прагмема»
М. Мамардашвили

The Cheburashka Complex, or Society of Obedience

The Cheburashka Complex, or Society of Obedience

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The Cheburashka Complex, or Society of Obedience: Collection of Articles / Comp., ed. I. Veselova. St. Petersburg, 2012. 272 pages. Illustrations. (Series ‘Primary signs or pragmemas’) (in Russian)

The ethos of patron-client relations is hidden in the mythology of the Soviet cultural heroes, the nice and inoffensive at first glance Cheburashkas and Snegurochkas. The power of suggestive impact depends directly on the fact of our wholesale initiation into this mythology. The psychological and social legacy inherited by us all from previous generations is the external locus of control, built into our bodies and awaiting realization.

Our search for approbation, our constant looking around for the observer who never lets us out of his sight — even when we have already turned the corner and can finally remove the hated hat and scarf, — the  threat of an angry shout all deprive us of the freedom to experience the whistle of the wind in our ears and the feeling of independence.



From the compiler. The search for approbation

Inna Veselova. The gestures of public lauding: Access to prosperity (for those who enjoy theories)

Inna Veselova and Yuliya Marinicheva. “Swallow a toad!”, “Make the corna sign in your pocket!” and other ways of reacting to praise

Yuliya Marinicheva. The marketing of matrimonial attitudes or How to give praise correctly and at the right time

Inna Veselova. Cheburashka in boss-client relationships in Russia today

Inna Veselova. New Year carnivals for children

Inna Veselova. The mission of Snegurochka

Inna Veselova. The first of September and the ceremony of ‘ The last bell’: the principle of the ritual enfilade

Svetlana Adonyeva. Refusing a reward

Svetlana Adovyeva and Inna Veselova. Conclusion

List of illustrations