«Работа с сознанием — это прагмема»
М. Мамардашвили


“Clay Toys” Colouring Book

The designs for this colouring book are based on the shapes and ornamentation of Russian clay toys. Have a go at reproducing the pattern as exactly as possible or create your own version of the toy: the ornamentation and colour range of other toys from the same craft style should help you with this.


“Clay Toys” Canvas Bags

Ecologically friendly canvas bags with convenient long handles, decorated with pictures of modern Russian clay toys.


The “Clay Toys. Ornamentation” domino boxed set

The Russian clay toy is an art form which gives pleasure and joy to both adults and children. They are funny little figurines-fetishes. Some are shaped like men or bears, others are are women-birds, pretty little foxes, ladies and completely incomprehensible creatures called the ‘lickers’ (lizun).

They fit into the palm of one's hand, they can sometimes whistle, and they are always in some kind of mood: happy, focused, surprised. Even if they look fierce, they are still not frightening: after all, they are so little and just need us to love them.

We would like to give our children, as they get to know the colours and patterns of clay toys in their play, a way of accessing the source which has fuelled true art with its immense energies down the ages.