«Работа с сознанием — это прагмема»
М. Мамардашвили

Symbolic order

Symbolic order

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Symbolic order. Svetlana Adonyeva. St. Petersburg. The Propp Centre: Amfora. TID Amfora, 2011.  167 pages. Illustrations. (Series ‘Primary signs or pragmemas’) (in Russian)

Svetlana Adonyeva’s book “Symbolic order” is the first in a series of research publications under the general title of “Primary signs or pragmemas”, which deal with social, symbolic and psychological mechanisms for constructing reality. In spite of their education and urban life in a big city everyone inherits their everyday practices (their daily timetable, hygiene regime, organization of their household etc.) from their parents, while they, in turn, inherited them from their parents, our grandmothers and grandfathers. The book is dedicated to the questions of what we inherit and why we accept and reproduce certain things; what are the mechanisms of our behaviour and what schemas influence the results of our daily actions.

“The past in the future — that is the construct which interests me. The past as an object of reflection always takes the form of an ideological construct: this kind of past is created  so that we can deal with the present” (S. Adonyeva)



Primary signs or pragmemas


1. The politics and rhetoric of rubbish

2. Life according to the school text-book

3. Rinsing the washing: the symbolic order of the everyday

4. The magic of water

5. The destruction of effigies: The projective principle

6. The cult of the dead in post-Soviet Russia

7. Border demons: the Mistress of the Bronze Mountain

8. The aesthetic experiencing of space and “the right to have a view”

9. Internal time and understanding of the present